What If We Don’t Know the Answer?


What happens when we don’t know the answer? Let’s face it, not all companies do what they say, especially when it comes to tutoring. Some companies claim that they can help you with your homework, but still don’t deliver. Or, when they do deliver, don’t deliver as expected.

At Tutor for Good, our tutors are both reliable and honest! Although all of our tutors are experts in their field, we understand that no one knows everything! If any of our tutors don’t know how to approach the problem, or can’t figure it out, we’ll follow the following process:

1. Try to find out! If we don’t know how to approach the problem, we’ll try to find out. Our tutors have access to an extensive library of resources that they can use to help them during the session.

2. Re-examine the problem! We will re-examine the problem to see if there is anything that we missed

It’s that simple! Combining reliability with honesty is just one of the ways that we keep our promise of quality and service to you