Any honest educator can tell you that the most important factor in a student’s learning experience, besides their willingness to learn, is their teacher’s willingness to teach. Truth is, good teachers are hard to find. That’s where we come in. In today’s competitive academic environment, good scores are essential, which is why Tutor for Good was formed. Our intention is to ensure that every student receives detailed instruction from an experienced tutor. We don’t expect the tutors to do the work for our students.  Instead, they will display a different method of arriving at the answer.images_1The following describes our tutor’s qualifications. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, and want to apply, please click here.

Tutor for Good has an extensive network of professional, certified educators. All of our paid tutors (paid employees) are United States and Canadian citizens who have passed a thorough background check. Each tutor, completes an extensive application and training process that includes subject exams, a training session on teaching techniques, and a mock service session. No applicant tutors without completing each level of training. Providing the best educators is just one of the ways that we maintain our promise of quality service to you! All tutoring, is performed in a secure environment. Tutors and clients interact via a digital whiteboard with instant chat, and personal information is never given!