You have administered a standardized test of manual dexterity to two groups of 10 semi-skilled workers. One of these two groups of workers will be employed by you to work in a warehouse with many fragile items. The higher the manual dexterity of a worker, the less likelihood that worker will break significant inventory. Because of a unique contract, you must hire all 10 employees from one of the two groups and none of the employees from the other.

Group A Scores — 98,85,30,66,99,95,57,62,99,100

Group B Scores — 64,81,62,88,82,79,90,81,85,79

You must decide which group to choose. Consider at least two measures of central tendency and at least one measure of dispersion for each group and use those to make your choice. Be sure to justify your choice with at least one page of discussion and analysis. Can you base a decision on the information provided and the measures that you calculated only?

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