Tom and John both live in Town A. Ond day, they were meeting at the local pub. When they decided to see thei old friendin Town B. Each decided to take their own route. Early morning, they mett to start their journey. Tom will only take known paths, thus he starts walking on a road traveling due East. After 4 hours of walking, he comes to a cross road. A sign indicated that Town A is now 3 miles away. The sign also show an arrow for Town B and its distance, 4 miles. Tom starts walking in the direction of Town B, which is due North. After 6 hours, he finally reaches Town B.

John, starts walking along a river. The river crosses both Town A and Town B in a straight line. John soon finds this route is harder since he has to make his way through thick brush. After 10 hours of extreme physical effort, he finally reaches Town B. To the amazement of both, they both reach Town B at the same time.

1. How far did John have to walk?
2. What was the speed of Tom and John in miles per hour?

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