Thanks Twitter Followers!

Kudos To Our Followers!

El Rorro, Rafael Roberto, Ryan Bauss, Jason Arnold, Georgia Peach, Issam Rammach, David Pen, Carol Landers, Gene Atwood, Monica Manso, Lauren Tyler, Dejay Simms…

twitter-campaignThe list goes on and on! Well, whoever you are, we just want to thank you! This week, we launched our Twitter account in preparation for our grand opening. In the past 24 hours, we have been rewarded with numerous likes and appreciation from our future users on Twitter.

The support that we have received form the “Twittersphere” reinforces the fact that Tutor for Good is a socially conscious movement to enhance the learning of young students in local communities. The recent recession has shown that obtaining a job in the future will require more education and skills. Math skills are highly valued in today’s work force. Tutor for Good was created with the intent of providing students with free math tutoring. This service will help students succeed in the present, so that they can secure better jobs in the future. As Americans, we all want to see our country succeed. Why not start with our most precious assets: our children? 

It is clear that there is a tremendous need for the service that we provide. We are grateful to all those that are investing their time, money, or even a Facebook  like in the name of spreading our mission. Thanks so much guys for believing in us and the message that we are sending!

-Dr. F. Zaria Chinelo, Founder