Learning Actively

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Teacher and Student In A Classroom At SchoolActive learning is cognitive mode that entrusts the responsibility of learning upon the student. That is, the student is responsible for making sure that he or she acquires the skills that they need to succeed. The ability to learn actively is a valuable skill. Studies have shown that students who listen actively garner higher grades, self esteem, and perception skills. Like many skills, the ability to listen actively is not easily obtained. The following are some ways to facilitate this process:

  • Focus on the person who is talking. Don’t fidget or become distracted by other people or events. Think about your experience with a subject in order to understand the subject more thoroughly. Don’t think about your own bias or opinion; you are there to hear what the speaker has to say.
  • Concentrate on the speaker with both your ears and eyes. Follow the movements the speaker makes in an effort to hear more.
  • Don’t interrupt the speaker. At times, you may want to ask the speaker questions. However the best thing to do is to wait until the end of the presentation. Any questions that you may have could be answered if you give the speaker an opportunity.
  • Practice by studying with a group. Group study involves students exchanging information. Thus, the nature of a study group encourages students to employ their listening and communication skills