Common Symptoms of Tutoring


Students in Computer LabThe following are common symptoms that you may need tutoring:

An inability to grasp new concepts

When a student barely passes one class, and then moves on to a higher, harder level, the results can be disastrous unless a tutoring intervention is taken.

Short Attention Span

This is often caused by the teacher’s method of conveyance. At Tutor for Good, we work with your child by portraying the same information in different ways to ensure that our students really understand it.

Silly, Repetitive Mistakes

This is often caused by students who forget to carefully examine the methods that they are using to solve problems. At Tutor for Good, we teach our students organizational and analysis skills to ensure that they don’t make they don’t make the same mistakes again.


When one starts to fear a subject; the result is a lack of confidence in the subject matter. Symptoms of anxiety include nausea, and a sudden loss of memory in regards to formulas and concepts. In a classroom setting, it is simply impossible for every student to receive the individualized attention that they deserve. Here at Tutor for Good, we provide the individual attention that students need to achieve their maximum potential. Each tutoring session may include:

Test Preparation

Homework Support

Reiteration of Difficult Concepts

Individualized Presentation

Working Ahead to Teach New Concepts

Organizational Skills


We also have customized lesson plans available upon request! Regardless of your age or grade level, we can help you! So what are you waiting for? Sharpen your skills with Tutor for Good!