We Are The American Family!


We are the American Family!!!!

I’m writing this article to let you know that my family is just like yours! Well I guess I jumped right into some hard subjects right off the bat for my opening debut.. So this week I figured I would let you get a little peek into my life that maybe will explain why I have an outlook on certain issues and hopefully shed some light on how I see things and the ways I have dealt with them as a mother, wife, business owner and I am willing to bet there are many family’s that are just as dysfunctional as mine.

Let me introduce you to The American Family Simpson’s where like the show “Family Guy” I spend all day yelling “Brett” as my husband once again say’s something outrages and sarcastically stupid and inappropriate at least every couple of hours. I swear he even has “Peters” laugh when I yell from the other room. Our Dinner hour consists of chaos and more than one “Why You Little” but being almost a track star we skip the choking scenario everyone finds surprisingly funny in a society that doesn’t condone hands on spankings because he has my husbands reaction time to every prank he pulls down to a science. And during all this our youngest son like “Roger” always seems to have a solution or a comical joke to bring us to tears or out of a panic.

We definitely are not your Walton’s or your Brady Bunch and our pets are not pets but family member’s I talk to my cat’s we have pet turtles that roam the house and sleep under my desk while I work and we even have an iguana who greets people who walk in the door with the “what’s up” head nod. Every day I fight with our school system over rules and regulations and many of my articles will be about these moments.

I have files of documents for my son’s travels in the Special Education system and his IEP. I will also talk about the juvenile court system’s and process and dealing with legal issues and children. I am also very open to comments and suggestions or questions as you’re gonna learn I have thick skin and I have it all to blame…I mean thanks my wonderful crazy family for it.