Parent’s Right to Discipline


Give us the right to discipline our kids back!!!!!

VENTING TIME!!!!!!! In SC they still have a law, (written back when women were expected to have dinner on the table when the husband walked in the door from the fields and that husband was master mind you…) that says on Sundays a husband can bring their wife to the courthouse lawn between noon and three and beat her for failing any jobs or duties expected of her as wife and mother in front of a judge. Sort of like a thief being set in front of a courthouse or town square in a thing so people can throw garbage at them situation.

Well I have been thinking…. The laws and agencies in place to protect children against abuse have gotten everything so out of control that just looking at your child wrong (Insert sarcastic eye roll now) mentally damage them them for life…(before you go off ….know this I am against abuse of any child in any form and the departments out there are needed to help those children who truly need help) . Things have gotten so out of control with the laws and inserts and appeals and loopholes that it has literally become a joke. The laws force the government to enforce these laws, taking away our right as parents to discipline our kids like we were as children.

With that said I am seriously considering writing up a bill for the government to pass that states that when your child really does deserve an ass whooping we can set up a time where we can drag our kids to the court lawn by the ear and deal the punishment the kid deserves. If my 5 year old say the F word constantly then I can set up the time to wash his mouth out with soap. Or if my 7 year old throws fits in the store when told no and completely has a tantrum then I want to bring them in to put them over my knee and give them a spanking they deserve….You get the point.

Since they can set up ridiculousness rules that have caused this generations kids to run ragged and have people shaking their heads blaming us as parents for not controlling our children. Well then give us a law that is ridiculous so we can whoop our kids ass like the old days so we can get back the respect to our elders and have a more polite generation of kids. So we will do it under the eye of the law so there are witness and nobody can say it was abuse we will just have it documented and done. So everyone is happy no abuse and no more delinquents running around.

Know I will most likely be getting a phone call from my mother shortly for saying the A word in my article can anyone pass me the soap…

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