The Bitter Divorce


Our country is stuck in a bitter divorce…..

It’s great that our kids today want to be part of something big and tend to want to be involved but it is really tragic that our children even be mature and adult like in certain type of situations for instance the recent school shootings. But why is our youth acting as one during times of sorrow and mass loss of life? Well stop and think about it children do as they are raised and grew up surrounded by and as I did you realize that only time the youth of today see us together as one and in agreements with our thoughts and views is when there is a mass loss of life……..I can only say I believe we as adults are too blame.

Just for one minute step back and look at our country and what it has become….Then ask your selves this….When did we as a nation become a bitter married couple who can no longer even be in the same room without the hatred flying in waves? When did we stop thinking of the children (the people)and shelter or protect the children(our people) from nasty hurtful digs and snide remarks?Long gone is the time when our children(our country) would not be pulled into a custody battle. waiting to discuss things and work together for the sake of the children we would compromise. At what point did we as a nation loose the laughter and the freedom to be children(the people)

Just like children we as a nation are getting to see that if we want mom and dad to stop with all the painful hurtful yealling at each other that maybe we as (children) wouldn’t have to do something drastic to get them (our government) something major to think about that we as a nation are in harmony????? How many more major disastors is this country going to creat before we as a nation realize that all that the people want is for the fighting to stop and for the devided groups agree to work on it…..

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