Our customized tutoring options are the perfect solution for students on the go. Whether you are in high school, college, or university, we can help you with most of your subjects. Take a look at what some of our past and current students have said*:

“I can not begin to tell you how much your tutoring has helped my self esteem. The last tutor I had made me feel as if I was a complete idiot and barely listened to me. When I called your company, the tutor not only listened to me, but she also made sure that I understood everything in detail before the session was over.
– Allison S., Atlanta, GA

“Math isn’t really my strong point. Most of the tutors that I used in the past just gave me the answers, and I was okay with that, until I started taking advanced chemistry courses. Then, everything went downhill because I really didn’t have the basis math foundation I needed to calculate equations and concentrations. I felt like I was ‘left behind’. Having a tutor from Felicity Motivational Group really helped me build my confidence while I was preparing for my tests because they helped me figure out what I was doing wrong, and why I was doing it.”
– Quinn B., San Diego, CA

“This is by far the most comprehensive email tutoring system I have ever used. I though email tutoring would  be a waste of money. But, you guys actually gave me my money’s worth!”
– Jackson M., Seattle, WA

“Let me say that the service from your staff has been exemplary.  Your service is a function of your staff. I’ve owned my own business for 20 years and there is one constant in a successful business and that is having the right people (staff).  At the end of the day regardless of technology-“People do business with people”…
– M.K., Chattanooga, TN

“Usually when I call a company’s customer service, they give me the “run-around” or try to get me to send an email instead. Felicity Motivational Group’s customer service listened to my issues and allowed me to speak directly to a representative.”
– Henri T., New Orleans, LA