How easy is it to use Tutor for Good’s tutoring services?

Our tutoring services are extremely easy to use. The student logs in and initiates a tutoring session. The student and the tutor communicate using our computer-based dynamic whiteboard screen that is easy and interactive. Both the tutor and the student can write, type, chat or draw on it, with both of them watching what is being written or drawn.

How convenient is your tutoring?

We provide tutoring over the internet from the convenience of your home. No driving to learning centers on weekends, no more tutors in your house and no more looking around your dorm for help! You get high-quality; live one-on-one assistance, access to worksheets and other educational content round the clock.

How does your tutoring compare to learning centers and other tutoring systems?

Tutor for Good is better than regular learning centers since students receive quality online tutoring for free. Most learning centers have three students per tutor and charge $50 or more per hour. Others provide only worksheets and are not flexible with their appointment times! Our interactive features make learning engaging and more effective than other tutoring systems.

What is the average length of each tutoring session?

After months of research, our analysts have determined that the average length of a tutoring session is thirty minutes.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions I can take?

No. Our services are on demand, so you can start whenever you are ready.

Isn’t thirty (30) minutes a long time?

Thirty minutes is neither too long nor too short. According to our research, it is the perfect amount of time for on-demand tutoring. Out of consideration for other students in the tutoring queue, a tutor may end a session after 30 minutes.

Often times, students log in needing just one question answered. However, one question often leads to another and they soon find that their questions need clarification.

Which curriculum does the tutor follow?

Tutor for Good’s tutors adhere to national and state standards. Our internal standards have been developed in accordance with the top state curriculum in the United States. Our tutors use the most commonly approved US textbooks to ensure they are teaching appropriately.

Upon request, we also provide learning solutions for schools, institutions, and organizations. For more information, please contact us.

How do I upload a file?

In case you wish to discuss a specific assignment, you have the option of uploading the assignment or specific subject matter text during the session itself. On the bottom left corner of the whiteboard, click on the “send file” icon. The maximum file size which you can upload is 10 MB. Your tutor will be able to access the document and discuss it with you during your session.

We recommend doing this at the beginning of each session; since this time period will be used for preliminary questions and preparation

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